Austin Homelessness Dashboard

Disclaimer: this dashboard contains partial data only.
This dashboard only represents data gathered by certain members of the Continuum of Care. This dashboard does not include:
  • Data from organizations whose collection methods are incompatible with the larger group
  • Data gathered outside the Continuum of Care.
  • Data on people experiencing homelessness, who choose not to seek services from the CoC.

Because of the nature of homelessness case work, data entry can be incomplete or imperfect, and sometimes data changes after it is reported. The data featured in this dashboard is a snapshot of the issue of homelessness in Austin, but it is not comprehensive.

The Continuum of Care is currently analyzing 2019 data, and there are some metrics that still need to be updated. Data visualized in the dashboard will change as more current data becomes available.

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This dashboard is an informational resource on the issue of homelessness in Austin. The data visualizations featured here are created by the City of Austin. The data is gathered by Austin and Travis County’s Continuum of Care, led by the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO).


Person shaped icon

Newly Homeless

in 2019


Crane shaped icon

People Sheltered

in 2019


House shaped icon

People Housed

in 2019


Apartment building shaped icon

Beds for Housing

in 2019

Newly Homeless

Returns to Homeless